Patient 4620

Gretel Sauerbrot: a once famous artist, admitted to the Raventhorne Institution and then never heard from again.

You are invited to the Royal Museum of Contemporary Art, and through a series of audio guides you explore and uncover clues to Gretel’s past. This unique theatre show is a blend of immersive theatre, auditory storytelling, and art installation; resulting in a rich and sensory experience that won’t be easily forgotten.

To experience the show at its fullest, audiences should bring a Smartphone or WiFi enabled device, along with a headset. In the event you cannot provide your own device and/or headset, you will be loaned items on entering the show.

12:00pm through 10:00pm, Sunday 3rd through Saturday 9th

Tickets £16.75 – £22.25

Approximate running time is 45 minutes.

Please note: The venue does not have a foyer. Audiences who arrive more than 15 minutes before their show is due to start will be asked to wait outside.