Cthulhu Cold Case

The Call of Cthulhu: A cold case”

Lovecraft’s classic gothic horror tale is brought to life, imagined as a cold case investigation, examining the notes of the unfortunate nephew of a recently and mysteriously deceased Professor of Archaeology, and resulting in the narrator’s sinister predictions of his own doom … and that of mankind.

Presented by award-winning storyteller Jason Buck, this show tells the stories and reveals the secrets and connections, hidden within them!

Quote: “This is a superb take on the tale, a fresh look at old materiel that draws you steadily into the mythos, as if pulled inwards by discordant drumbeats; leaving one feeling polluted as though dunked in the foul brine of its alien blood.”  – Ben, Edinburgh

  • Triggers: Contains horror, death, severe mental health issues

  • Run time: 120 mins (inc. interval)

  • Age Rating: 14+


“Weird and unnatural tales”

An evening of stories, with award-winning storyteller, and from the minds of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft and the famous English occultist Aleister Crowley. Step into the worlds of their dark, horrific, and risqué short stories, combining Lovecraft’s morbid, and Crowley’s debauched imaginations

    • The Vixen (Crowley)

    • Which things are an allegory (Crowley)

    • Professor Zircon (Crowley)

    • The Rats in the Walls (Lovecraft)

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