The Atrocities at Arkham

A Traveler escaping an obelisk in the middle of the Ocean, a Detective on the hunt of a dangerous madman, a Doctor discovering the mechanism of life. Witness the pillars of the Deep One Faith, the Demonic Rituals of the Kingsport Occult Scene and the true limits of human experimentation. The Atrocities at Arkham follows these characters as their stories cross and blend in H.P Lovecraft’s Arkham County.

Based upon the stories of Dagon, The Horror at Red Hook & Herbert West: Reanimator, Tell No Tales Theatre jumps between these iconic stories, to tell the tales of these protagonists descent into cosmic madness.

Following the sellout show The Lurking Fear & Other Stories, Julius Wills returns with Tell No Tales Theatre with an adaptation that tells these three stories with a combination of Physical Theatre and Puppetry aiming to disconcert and place the audience in the minds of these mortals battling untold foes.

Age Rating: 16+

Trigger Warnings: Death, Violence