The Shroud of Charon

In 1930s London, the controversial psychic researcher Arthur Adam-Meyers comes into possession of an ancient Egyptian treasure: The Amenthes Reliquary. Arthur is certain that this fabled chest possesses the secret of life beyond death, a prize which would finally prove his academic greatness.
Upon unlocking the Reliquary, Arthur discovers that it houses a mysterious woman, a chaotic messenger who speaks of, “The Shroud of Charon”, an impossible boundary between dimensions and existence.
Arthur must push himself and the lost traveller to the very edges of sanity to discover where she really came from… and what lies beyond The Shroud of Charon…

Screen Rebels specialise in bringing fantastical worlds to intimate live spaces. The Shroud of Charon is an original tale drawing from classic elements of Lovecraft’s Mythos, guaranteed to bring cosmic thrills and horrifying chills. Screen Rebels are extremely proud to debut this production at the London Lovecraft Festival 2023.

Age Rating: 16+

Strobe Lighting effects will be used in this performance.