The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath

For one night only: LOVECRAFT’S MOST UNSTAGEABLE WORK brought to life through the music of Sam Enthoven’s SHIVERS and TL Wiswell’s shadow puppetry!


Randolph Carter dreams a dream of a glittering city on a mountain … but to visit it would mean to give up his sanity. Can he find the city of Unknown Kadath? Perhaps the Cats of Ulthar and Pickman’s army of ghouls can help him evade the the Crawling Chaos, Nyarlathotep. Or perhaps not.


Sam Enthoven’s SHIVERS nights have been giving aficionados that sensation of spiders down the spine for more than three years now. Sam picks the finest frightening literature and finds great performers to read it. The twist with SHIVERS is that these tales are then paired with live sounds from his uniquely uncanny instrument, the theremin, and some of the best up-and-coming artists from London’s experimental music scene. The result is a kind of cinema for the ears and imagination, with storytelling and sound combining to draw you irresistibly in, to reach cold fingers into your mind, to give you SHIVERS. 


But for this night … TL Wiswell has adapted the work, and created shadow puppets that will help take your mind on flights of fancy.  A once-off meeting of masters of their art, Vulcanello Productions “Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath” is guaranteed to haunt your dreams for eternity.


Age Rating: 12+