Re-Animator: The Musical

Based on the famous story by H.P Lovecraft and the hilarious 80’s horror film, Shock Horror Theatre presents REANIMATOR: THE BLOODY MUSICAL!

Book & Lyrics by Joseph Helsing / Music by Dominic Irving & Luke Barratt / Based on the short story by H.P Lovecraft

Herbert West is many things. He’s a doctor. He’s a scientist and he’s a bona-fide lunatic. Bear witness to his quest to raise people from the dead all told through the medium of musical theatre. Aided by his intrepid non-hunchback assistant, Herbert West is about to realise that bringing people back from the dead isn’t as easy as it looks in the movies

REANIMATOR: THE BLOODY MUSICAL is a side splitting (literally) horror comedy musical…thing performed by a cast of two very underpaid actors. There’s blood, gore, a talking head, a corpse or two…Or three…Or four. If you think you know the story of HERBERT WEST: REANIMATOR then you had better think again!

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SHOCK HORROR is a new theatre company producing new and exciting musicals for the stage. Set up by Joseph Helsing to bring new and exciting stage musicals to the stage. It’s first production was THE BLOOD OF DRACULA which premiered at the Denny Civic Theatre in January 2010. This was followed by DRACULA: RESSURECTION in April and by DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE in August. Since then they have produced WHEN THE CLOWN LAUGHS, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, THE DARKNESS WITHIN, SOMETHING WICKED, ALONE IN THE DARK, THE HAUNTED and THE RAVEN: A SUPERHERO MUSICAL

Age Rating: 14+