Carter has found the perfect location to shoot his zombie movie-A country house on an island off the coast of Mayo. The only catch is he has it for just 3 days. So when his lead actor drops out the day before shooting starts, Carter is faced with a difficult decision- pull on the plug on his dream project or cast the mysterious Vardell, an actor of incendiary talent but someone with a dark past . As events unfold on set, Carter soon suspects that he may have made a grave mistake…

Following highly successful runs in the Manchester Fringe, FreshFest & Grimfest at the Old Red Lion Theatre, London, and the International Bar in Dublin, Demons & Dust are delighted to return with their production of “Revenant’ (Stewart Parker nominee).

Visceral, blackly comic and genuinely scary, “Revenant” stars Patrick O’Donnell, who was nominated for Best Actor at the Manchester Fringe in 2021.

Age: 16+

‘Revenant is a lot of fun, and boasts a great performance by the excellent Patrick O’Donnell.’ – Brian Gorman, fictionmaker

‘Roche’s script is a spikenard of playful savagery….a comically fruitful idea combining gothic horror gore with a satire on movie-making and acting.’ – The Irish Independent