H. P. Lovebox

From the depths of the multiverse, the great one, Cthulu, makes his presence known! What darkness awaits? Will you pay with your sanity or with your soul? Or, worse of all … with an earworm?

Yes indeed, for two nights only, Cthulu steps out from the shadows and emerges as H.P. Lovebox! The cthonic crooner joins us fresh from his sell-out residency at the Qlipthotic Lounge in dread R’lyeh This unique cabaret presentation will inspire and delight – or terrify – depending on where you stand on the cultist divide. Not for the faint hearted. May cause madness.

Performing Thursday February 8 and Friday February 9 Find tickets

NOTE these performances are a special joint ticket with the Thursday and Friday late show of Pickman’s Model



H. P. Lovebox has appeared at Steampunk conventions, the London Horror Festival, The Crazy Coqs, the Cosmic Trigger Cabaret at Festival 23, and the Bethnal Green Workingman’s Club. They are pleased to be involved in the inaugural weekend of the London Lovecraft Festival because even elder gods like to have a boogie from time to time.