A Nightmare in Ashcroft

Something strange is going on in Ashcroft Collier (Tyne and Wean, England). Inspector LeGrasse has been tasked with the interrogation of some of the more “reasonable” inhabitants of a small shipping town, as part of wider police proceedings. But all is not as it seems. Are the audience really who they claim to be, what are the motives of the helpful Reverend Heath, and what are these dreams the inspector keeps having, and how are they linked to this small shadowed town?

Our immersive production, loosely based on A Shadow Over Innsmouth, makes the audience members unwitting members of Cthulhu’s cult. They’re all in on it, and all intent on driving Abigail LeGrasse to the brink of madness. We will play with disturbing hints, lights going on and off, banging on the door, and the sound of trickling water in the background to unsettle and entice more and more, and hope to implicate the audience so much that they join in the final chant; Cthulhu F’htagn!

H.P. Lovecraft once supposed that mankind’s greatest fear, was the fear of the unknown, the creeping dread so familiar to his ill-fated protagonists, the horror that overwhelms. and it is this uncertainty and lurking fear we would like to instil in the audience in our immersive production. The audience are participants in the narrative who don’t know all the rules, and may not truly realise their role and their own culpability right up until the very end. We hope to truly unsettle, but also to give vent that excitement which many Lovecraft fans have about being members of a conspiracy or cult (of Cthulhu for example).

February 6 and 7 @ 7:00 pm (1 hr) Find tickets