The Dead, Live

Lawrence Dodds (Howard Whittock) is a popular psychic entertainer who thinks he knows all there is to know about the world of Spirit… and, most importantly, knows that he’s a fake. When his team is joined by enthusiastic young actress Rachael Connor (Carly Tarett) for the latest date in his tour, it looks like it’s going to be just another night of cold-reading the gullible punters. But what Lawrence doesn’t realise is that the world of Spirit has a shock in store for him.

With gripping performances, sardonic humour, and specially-composed music, The Dead, Live is a chilling drama proudly inspired by the classic ghost stories of literature and TV, but with a thoroughly theatrical spin.

“This tale is more than a match for any stage… Howard Whittock is so convincing as Lawrence, it’s hard not to wonder if he really can speak to the dead!” – Andrew Riley, Quays News

Sunday February 11, 3:30PM (1HR) Find tickets