For companies

This page is to provide information for companies wishing to participate in the festival.

Submission form

The 2019 festival application form is open and available until the end of September, 2018.

Financial models

For the festival, participating companies pay a £300 participation fee up-front, and in return get two performance slots and 100% of ticket sales for those shows. The participation fee helps cover festival expenses, promotions, and programme printing. You are of course welcome to do any of your own additional promotional activity, too.

Ticket pricing is up to you, but between £10 and £15 is pretty standard. 100% of the box office is paid to the company.

What you charge can of course influence how many tickets you sell, for better or worse, and how much you can potentially make on a show. Here we’ve worked out some examples of how a two performance run might work out for you at different ticket price bands:

Advertised cost 100% Sell out
(60 tickets)
/ (x 2 shows)
50% sold
(30 tickets)
/ (x 2 shows)
less  festival fee (2 shows) profit at 100% profit at 50%
£10.00 £600 (£1200) £300 (£600) -£300.00 £300.00 £0.00
£11.00 £660 (£1320) £330 (£660) -£300.00 £360.00 £30.00
£12.50 £750 (£1500) £375 (£750) -£300.00 £450.00 £75.00
£14.00 £840 (£1680) £420 (£840) -£300.00 £540.00 £120.00
£15.00 £900 (£1800) £450 (£900) -£300.00 £600.00 £150.00

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Venue information

The Old Red Lion is a 60-seat venue in Islington, close to the Angel tube station.

Festival technical specifications

The festival will work with a single lighting rig, with some limited opportunity for recoloring or refocusing of specials. Any adjustments to the rig must be able to be done within your allocated pre-show get-in time, and restored during your get-out.

More detail will be available closer to the festival itself.

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Promotional images

Click to download full-size versions of logos suitable for print.

Lovecraft Festival Logo – PNG