Lovecraft 2020

April 19th through 25th, 2020

at the Drayton Arms Theatre 

Interested in participating?

Producing companies

The submissions window is open!

We are now accepting submissions for the 2020 London Lovecraft Festival – the UK’s premiere theatrical event celebrating the father of cosmic horror, Howard Philips Lovecraft. Now returning for its third year, the festival has so far brought over 25 different shows to the stage, regularly selling out performances and drawing many repeat visitors. We are looking for plays, dramatic readings, radio plays or other performance pieces based on or influenced by Lovecraft and the Chthulu mythos he created. From pure creeping horror to cosmic comedy and singing Shoggoths, all are welcome and encouraged to apply!

The application deadline for consideration is Sunday, February 16th

In general festival fashion, shows are ideally around an hour in length, and will have limited time to get in and out for each performance so have appropriate technical requirements. More specific information, including financial models for participation, is available on the for companies page. 


The new writing competition is on!

Submissions are now open to UK based playwrights for the 2020 London Lovecraft Festival Playwriting Competition.

We are once again giving a writer an opportunity to have their work performed by a professional team of creatives at the London Lovecraft festival this year!

The deadline for new script submission is Sunday March 1st, 2020

Find full details of the competition rules and requirements on the competition page.